Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is a speciality of ours. With our high-temperature oven, we can guarantee a great adherence from our material to your part(s). Similar to powder coating, we completely clean parts to ensure a great stick with our preparation process, which can be found on the Process page. To view examples of our Ceramic coatings, check out the Ceramic Photos page.

Why Ceramic Coating?
Ceramic coating is great for a multitude of reasons; however, heat and finishes are the most important. With Ceramic coatings, heat barriers and dispersant are formulated into the liquid coating that can benefit your part(s) greatly. Factor this in with a chrome, black, titanium, or dark grey finish, and you have a great looking and working part.

Looking for something almost chrome like?
Our Tech-Line™ CermaKrome™ spray will polish to an almost chrome like finish. However, this finish can also withstand a base metal temperature over 1300°F and being that it's less than a thousandths of an inch, it won't flake like paint.

Looking for a heat barrier?
Our satin black ceramic coating is our best heat barrier as 15 to 20% of heat that radiates out of the part will stay in and properly be dispersed.