Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for powder coating?
Preparation is key to a fantastic and long lasting powder coat. Unlike our competitors, we have a high temperature oven that is able to bake out grease, oil, and burn off existing paint or powder from the part(s). After being burned or stripped, the part(s) are then media blasted with 100 Grit Aluminium Oxide to ensure the powder will have a fresh base to stick to. After blasting, the parts are properly taped and sealed with high temperature tapes or high temperature plugs to again ensure assembly and part use is as normal. Most parts are coated two times, the first coat being electric, as the part is negatively charged and the powder is positive, and the second coat while the part is at temperature. This protects the color, surface, and part(s) better than our competitors. From here, the part is inspected for quality control, packaged, and ready to pick up or ship.

What is the process for ceramic coating?
Coating parts in ceramic paint is almost the same preparation process as powder up to the actual applying of material. Ceramic is a liquid based paint, so parts are sprayed in a proper booth and put back into the oven to bake or hung to air dry. Our high heat black is air-dryed for 24 hours, while our silver, titanium and cast grey are put back into the oven to bake. The silver is polished in de-burring machines to create the shiny finish. Cast grey is sprayed over our silver base to ensure proper adherence and baked on again.

Will the coatings ever dull?
A great benefactor to both powder coating and ceramic coating is that if the part begins to fade or dull, you can bring it back with ease. For powder, you can treat it as paint of a car. Waxing and polishing will guarantee a better finish over a long time. For ceramic silver, we recommend Mother's Aluminum and Mag polish. We've found this brings back the shine to new.

Machined Surface?
Surfaces, openings, or internal parts can be masked or plugged off to protect them from the our processes. If you're curious about a specific part, ask and we'll be happy to assist.

Random Question?
Visit us or call us at (650) 591-2400 and we can go ahead and answer any questions you might have that are part specific.