Media Blasting

Media blasting at Accessories Plus, along with our coatings, is something we excel at. Using the wrong media, warping parts, or not having the correct equipment to thoroughly clean part(s) is something that can ruin any restoration. Avoiding these problems is how we differ from the rest. A bare metal part that has been correctly media blasted is an important step in the process of a good restoration

What is Media Blasting?
Media blasting is the process of removing all paint, powder, ceramic, rust, grease, oil, and any other containments from a part. With our unique high-temperature oven, we are able to burn off most materials that other media blasting businesses cannot, ensuring a completely clean part inside and out.

What about warping?
With anything here at Accessories Plus, heat is usually a key factor. With Media blasting, hitting a certain spot for too long may result in a warp in the metal; however, our employees have years of experience to ensure this won't happen. This along with proper masking and prep work, we guarantee a clean surface ready for pick-up.

What is so important about the media?
Most media blasters may use what we call "playground sand". At Accessories Plus, we only use a fine 100 Grit Aluminium Oxide to ensure there is no pitting in the media blasting process. Our blasters are equipped with sifting systems to make sure no loose rust, paint chips, or rocks are able to be put back into our system.

Is there a limit to the size?
Although we do have a limit to how big the parts can be, our limit ends at full car bodies. We are equipped with a full-size paint booth in which a worker must suit up and get inside to blast off paint and other types of finishes.