Powder Coating

At Accessories Plus, we put a lot of time and pride into our coatings. We coat only on completely clean surfaces to make sure the powder is able to adhere correctly to the part(s). We ensure all threads, surfaces, and areas that are unable to be coated are not as that will affect re-assembly and use of the part(s). Our hanging method,racking system, and large sized oven allows for pieces from small plates and brackets to 20 foot frames or gates.

Why Powder Coating?
Powder Coating provides a much more durable finish than standard liquid refinishing. Not only does the finish last longer, but also it's more cost effective. Powder coating produces a high specification coating, which is relatively hard, abrasion resistant (depending on the specifications) and tough. Powder coating is also semi-protective against the environment as painted parts will fade and rust a lot sooner.

What about Colors?
The choice of colors and finishes is almost limitless. Although there are over 6500 colors available, we only carry up to 50 different colors. Have a specific color that we don't? Check out Prismatic Powders to view their selection.